Upgrade Your Mac's RAM and Hard Disk: Here's Why

Your Mac is built to last, but older models can run slowly on the latest Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra operating system. Our upgrades will make it like new.

Why Is My Mac Running Slowly?

  • Your Mac probably shipped with an older, less sophisticated version of macOS, the software which is the backbone of the computer. This receives a major update almost every year.
  • As you upgrade the software, it gets more complex with great new features, but your Mac has to use more brain power to run them.
  • Consequently, your computer has fewer resources to run the apps you use day-to-day.


The newest Macs tend to ship with the latest solid-state (Flash) hard disks, which are typically 10 times faster than the old fashioned mechanical hard disks. The key difference is that solid-state has no moving parts, whereas the mechanical disks rotate at very high speeds to retrieve the data. This makes solid-state much faster and considerably less prone to failure.

The disks in Macs which are 2+ years old, and even the newest entry-level Macs, use mechanical drives. The vast majority of them can be upgraded to solid-state hard disks.


Benefits of a new hard disk

  • Increase protection against hard drive failure, by replacing it with new
  • Switch to a new-style "solid state drive" (or Flash drive) with no moving parts, so there is far less chance of mechanical failure
  • Significantly increase the day-to-day performance of your Mac, particularly in Yosemite, El Capitan & Sierra
  • We'll clone your whole system to the new disk - it's exactly the same computer, only a lot faster

    Benefits of more RAM (Memory)

    • Allow your Mac to comfortably run more programs at the same time
    • Improve day-to-day application performance
    • Reduce frequency of 'beach balls' and other delays


    To get started with your upgrade, please visit our How To Order page for a full walkthrough and to book an installation with our engineers.